Bauhaus Floor Lamp L/102 by Eileen Gray 1927

Made in Italy Replicas of timeless classic furniture according to original plans of famous BAUHAUS designer.

L 102

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Delivery time: 3-4 weeks directly from Italian manufacturer

The famouse Bauhaus lamp 'Tube Light' was designed in 1927 by Eileen Gray.Because of its timeless  beauty is the lamp still  one of the most popular lamps wich suits the Bauhaus furniture. The lamp was promoted by the minimalist design of the Bauhaus time.

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523 € tax incl.

Price including a stabile wooden box. 

Floor lamp chromed base, tubolar bulb. 125 W  220-240V.

Width ø 25
Height 102
  • 798 € tax incl.

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    The DS 21 is one of the most famous chairs in the world. Together with the 2 -, and 3-seater sofas   the same series presents a stylish furniture for hotel halls, living rooms and meeting rooms with high design standards. Consists of: 1xArmchair DS/21, 1x Sofa 2 seater and 1x 3-seater Sofa all in black leather standard or fabric and 1 table with glass top...

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    The furniture of these series gives a Stylish Bauhaus age furniture for meeting rooms, hotel lobbies, and homes with sophisticated standards. The cube-shaped classics by Le Corbusier will be found in prestigious law firms and well known companies. The group consist 1 Armchair DS 21, 1 Sofa 3-seater and 2 tables by Marcel Breuer Laccio 90 and 91.No...

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  • 2 918 € tax incl. 3 418 €

    Meeting-, dining-room consist of the famous glass table by designer Le Corbusier, 6pcs of Cesca chairs by well known designer Marcel Breuer and 2pcs of mesh chairs by famous designer L.Mies van der Rohe. Additionally a couch table by renowned designer Eileen Gray and a classical lamp by Wilhelm Wagenfeld. All that for unbelievable  discount. 

    2 918 € tax incl. 3 418 €
    2 432 € tax excl.

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