FAQ's | Bauhaus furniture | classicmoebel

1. Do the furniture correspond to the "originals"?

Our replicas are reproductions of the so-called. "Originals". Our furniture is made in Italian manufactured by hand and using the latest technology. They correspond to the licensed products in measure, proportion and quality. The only difference to the licensed copies is that  our furniture is produced without stamped, serial number, name  and designer Certificate of Authenticity.

2. Why does Bauhaus furniture such price differences? Does this affect the quality?

Many providers on the Internet buy their goods from China and harm with their  low prices the market. The quality and finishing of this furniture is very low.

3. Why can Classicmöbel offer such good prices?

Classicmöbel  sells directly from Italian factory to your door and without of any additional distribution channels. Therefore is Classicmoebel  capable of holding such favorable prices.

4. Can I get a leather sample before placing an order?

Yes. We send you leather or fabric samples free of charge. Tell us in the article and your desired color and you will get the pattern a few days by post mail.

5. How far could I relay on the colors of lacquered surfaces?

the colors in our shop are only infromative. Please use RAL standard.

6. What should I do if I forget my password?

Go to "Login" and then click "Forgot password?". Enter your e-mail provided in the box and
you will receive an email with your new password.

7. How can I pay?

a) by direkt bank transfer
b) by PayPal - secure payment - by  credit-and Master- card - accepted by PayPal.
Payment shall be made immediately after completing the order.

8. Do you deliver to the upper floors?

Our freight forwarders deliver only to the front door. Transportation to the upper floors needs
a request.

9. Are the goods insured?

The goods are always insured. This insurance is included in the prices.

10. What should I note on the delivery slip at delivery?

definitely write on the delivery slip: "Receipt of goods subject to later review”. If the freight forwarder does not  hand over the delivery slip, please write that on separate paper
and let to sign it from the freight forwarder.

11. What should I do at delivery when the box is damaged?

Note it definitely on the delivery slip and let it  sign by the freight forwarder. If you do not received the delivery slip from him, please write it on separate paper. It has to be confirmed with his signature.  You write in any case the details of the damage.

12. Deliveries to Switzerland

Outside of the EU you pay the net price. A processing fee of € 30.00 will be charged by your Italian forwarder. Any custom duties, taxes and other charges, which are already incurred by your freight forwarder, will be settled by the customer.

13. How can I return a product?

The right of return if not satisfied is 10 days from the delivery. Excluded from the return  are modifed models and spare parts. The return of the furniture is accepted undamaged only and in original packaging. Please note  the cost of the return delivery and the check of not
demaged state ( by the Italian maufacturer ) will be paied by the buyer. In general, the cost is 10% of the value, additionally the costs for transportation.