Meeting room T/985 + 6x Brno+2x Turnable

Made in Italy Replicas of timeless classic furniture according to original plans of famous BAUHAUS designer.

T/985,+ +

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Delivery time: 3-4 weeks directly from Italian manufacturer

Meeting room with classic furniture by famous designers like Le Corbusier, L.Mies van der Rohe, Eileen Gray and Wilhelm Wagenfeld. All the furniture are delivered directly, w/o any intermediate, from the Italian Manufactory to your door. You do not pay any shipping costs in EU and you receive this nice  meeting room to unbelievable discount !

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7 500 € tax incl.

-574 €

8 074 €  tax incl.

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traditional Italian handicraft production 

Quality certificate

5 year manufacturer's warranty

  • 180 € tax incl.

    Laccio table-short designed by famous Bauhaus designer Marcel Breuer  was originally a stool. Originally it was used  in studios and workshops as  pouff. Today, the Laccio`s serve as a side/cofee table. However you use this piece of furniture it express the Bauhaus form is always an eye-catching. 

    180 € tax incl.
    150 € tax excl.
  • 255 € tax incl.

    The Laccio Bauhaus tables were originally  used as stools. This could be the story of the Laccios by Marcel Breuer. Originally they were used  in studios and workshops as a pouffs. Today, the Lacio`s serve as a side table. However you use this piece of furniture it express the Bauhaus form and is always an eye-catching. 

    255 € tax incl.
    213 € tax excl.
  • 797 € tax incl.

    Chair Brno became a cantilever of the  classic furniture. It was created by the famous Bauhaus designer L.M. van der Rohe in 1929-30 during his architectonic  development work on the house Tugendhaft bei Brno (Czech rep.) 

    797 € tax incl.
    664 € tax excl.
  • 289 € tax incl.

    S 33 cantilever by  designer Mart Stam. This new chair is the first cantilever of its time. He has become a building block in the Bauhaus history of modern furniture design through its design principle. This swingers  S 33  and S 34 are suitable for meetings, residential and conferences areas.

    289 € tax incl.
    241 € tax excl.
  • 295 € tax incl.

    S 34 cantilever by designer Mart Stam 1926. This new type of chair is one of the first cantilever chairs, which bacame through its design principle an important building block in the history of modern Bauhaus furniture. S 34 and S 33 are very popular in conference, meeting, and also residential areas.

    295 € tax incl.
    246 € tax excl.
  • 523 € tax incl.

    The famouse Bauhaus lamp 'Tube Light' was designed in 1927 by Eileen Gray.Because of its timeless  beauty is the lamp still  one of the most popular lamps wich suits the Bauhaus furniture. The lamp was promoted by the minimalist design of the Bauhaus time.

    523 € tax incl.
    436 € tax excl.

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