The finest Italian leather for durability, breathability, and compatibility

As you slide your fingers over the leather, it feels soft and supple. It also has a uniform thickness, and is neither too thin (sensitivity) nor too thick (stiff and clunky).

The ideal thickness for optimum seating comfort

Our leather is used by traditional tanning process its durability and resistance. In particular, the aniline leather has a very uniform structure, and thus corresponds to the classical notion of a quality leather skin.

The atributtes Softness, lightness, complexion

The dyeing is carried out through the dye set that gives the aniline leather sole color. It is always important for you when touching naturalness, softness and warmth of the surface radiance in the foreground. The leather surface retains very fine wrinkles, as they were on naturally grown material originally present. No stains, thanks to a waterproof leather furniture.

Casual comfortable seating pad assembly

Our soft padded seat fit in accordance with the acting pressure, dynamically to the body shape. When clamping the cover to the cushion element, are typical design features such as cut to size, Elongation, compression of the base and a smooth flat surface appearance into account. The lower suspension by means of double-layered foam on wave springs, by which a cushion effect.

Breathable foam padding Polyurethane

Exclusively used CFC-free foam. The classic furniture of classic design furniture collection are tested on "acid". Advanced and environmentally sound production technologies and materials guarantee the exceptional quality. The padding is distinguished for its air permeability, elasticity and shape retention. She is aging and very hygienic.

High precision craftsmanship borne by the uncompromising quality and design standards is a guarantee for the highest quality of the soft furniture

For the surface coating of metal parts is used chromium

Chromium occurs in nature as chromite ore. The metal is very hard, and also is resistant to tarnishing and corrosion. Since it is also extremely stable, is very versatile. In our furniture production for the chrome chair legs, used chair and table frames.

Unique materials

The special material properties of the metal stand for long life and extreme robustness. Especially with high-quality furniture at that time attacked the renowned designer of classic furniture like on this unique material. The application of a layer of chromium missed the Bauhaus furniture with a sophisticated look, protects, and the sturdy metal so that it can also over time, take no damage.

Ergonomic design

The interplay of shiny chrome, flexible and ergonomic design brings the starting material for the perfect piece of furniture effect. This will benefit you in everyday life. These high-quality materials will ensure that our designer furniture to decorate your home or office for many years.

Wood is a natural product

For us, wood is the product of all time. Timeless and represented in all styles, lose their charm never wooden furniture. Whether oak, cherry, beech or walnut, with a rustic finish modern or, if set as a chair, table or bench, the ideas are endless. Wood never loses its charm The timber is processed in different variations. As required, we use oiled, stained or painted treatment. This may find its wood furniture for indoor use as well as in gardens and courtyards. Due to the easy-care properties, and the many color variations, the furniture will never lose your appeal.

Marble from the province Carrara

As used in our marble quarried in the Tuscan province of Massa-Carrara, near the Apuan Alps. Obtained from the nearby quarries, we obtain our precious Carrara marble rough blocks of stone processing plants in this prestigious location. Stonemasons from Carrara, are masters of their art for centuries, and probably the last generation that has these technical skills. Patented technologies make it possible in a relatively short time in the plant to reproduce that which requires the nature thousands of years. Table tops in high-tech marble, classic yet modern and extremely tough and durable. This process gives the now living in the countryside not the memory of marbles, and current. The marble, all homogeneous in thickness, is produced from selected raw materials and minerals that are mixed, pressed and then fired high to extreme high temperatures. For this reason, the materials are extremely massive, without absorption coefficient and thus extremely tough and durable.