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Table by famous designers. Made in Italy.

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    LC6  table  by famous designer Le Corbusier was first presented in Paris in 1929 as part of his furniture LC collection.  The handmade table, also known as "Tube d`Avion", is an elegant combination of steel and glass. The steel frame is made of shaped oval tube. The glass top is supported by 4 plates and is available in different qualities and thikness to...

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    Laccio table-short designed by famous Bauhaus designer Marcel Breuer  was originally a stool. Originally it was used  in studios and workshops as  pouff. Today, the Laccio`s serve as a side/cofee table. However you use this piece of furniture it express the Bauhaus form is always an eye-catching. 

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    The Laccio Bauhaus tables were originally  used as stools. This could be the story of the Laccios by Marcel Breuer. Originally they were used  in studios and workshops as a pouffs. Today, the Lacio`s serve as a side table. However you use this piece of furniture it express the Bauhaus form and is always an eye-catching. 

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    Bauhaus Folding dining table made of solid wood. It was designed in 1918 by the famous Bauhaus designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh. It has become a classic  of the Bauhaus  period. It is often used not only as a dining table, but also as a conference table.

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    Dining table with stable wooden construction by famous famous designers of the Bauhaus age - Charles Rennie Mackintosh. He designed this table in 1918. The table has become a popular piece of furniture of the Bauhaus age.

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    Adjustable table E 1027 by the Bauhaus designer Eileen Gray  1927 is the right choice if you want to take breakfast in bed. For this purpose it is actually designed. By the construction the table may be adjusted in height. This Bauhaus classics table can equally be used as a side table. with another furniture.

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    Cocktail  table by Eileen Gray was called the Occasional. You can lift and put it anywhere you need it. It is designed just like the Glaastisch E 1027 Adjustable, so that you can put the table base under the bed and enjoy your breakfast within easy reach.

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    The designer Eileen Gray was famous with her functional furniture which became a Bauhaus classics. Also this table called 'The Occasional' - you can easily put anywhere you need it. It is just alike the Adjustable Table E 1027, designed so that you can use it versatile.

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    Folding table Jean by Bauhaus designer Eileen Gray received its name by Jean Badovic the friend of her. The table can be used as a writting desk or dining table and when few pushed together, could be used for large receptions. It is light but very stable.

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    Designer Side Table by Gerrit Thomas Rietveld. He designed this famouse table in the years 1922-23. The table with its elaborate wood connections and original painted in red, blue, yellow and black. This table together with the 'Red & Blue' Armchair presents an impessive furniture group of the Bauhaus age.

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    Barcelona  table designed by L. Mies van der Rohe's matches to the series of Barcelona chairs, benches and stools, which were presented at the International Exhibition. The coffee table from the Bauhaus age, together with the furniture the Barcelona series presents an attractive seating area for sophisticated offices and living rooms.

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    Bauhaus coffee table by  L. M. van der Rohe. In 1927 he introduced this table in the Suttgarter settlement Weisenhof, where he, as an architect, designed a house. Even in the most famous Bauhaus building Tugend was placed this typical Bauhaus table. 

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