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    LC2 sofa 2-seater by Le Corbusier - Bauhaus age  results together with the armchair and the three seater in a stylish seating furniture for hotel halls, lofts or living spaces with high design standards. This whole group were designed as a stylish, comfortable group by the famous architect Le Corbusier.

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    LC2 sofa 3-seater by Le Corbusier together with the 2-seater and the  armchair is a perfect sitting furniture created by the famous designer Le Corbusier. Together they form a perfectly shaped seating group for rooms, or lounges with sophisticated design. Italian handicraft.

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    Designer sofa 2-seater LC 3 is one of the most famous pieces of furniture designed by Le Corbusier in the Bauhaus age. This 2-seater forms with the armchair and the three seater  an unforgettable comfort for discerning guests and business partners.

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    Designer Sofa 3-seater DS 33 is one of the most famous pieces of well known designer Le Corbusier. It forms with the armchair and the two-seater this series an unforgettable comfort for discerning guests. The padding can vary between Pony skin, fabric or 3 leather qualities. Enjoy this form of art in your own home!

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    This classic sofa of the  Bauhaus age designed by Le Corbusier was called Grand Comfort. This sofa was designed in the studios of Le Corbusier and then shortly produced at the atelier Thonet Frères in Paris. There were also produced another Le Corbusier furniture. We offer now this impressive and comfortable Gran Comfort group.

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    Designer Sofa 3-seter of the Grand Comfort series is a very famous chair. The designer Le Corbusier expressed a sober sense of exclusivity. It was designed in 1928 end it became a clasassics of the Bauhaus age. This sofa enjoys until now a popularity in prestigious companies and sophisticated living areas.

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    Lota Bauhaus sofa by famous designer Eileen Gray with cushions filled with natural down which ensure a maximum comfort. The removable side boxes with flaps are mounted on rollers and coated with piano lacquer. Upholstery is available in different high qualities  leather or fabric. This sofa of  Bauhaus history fits in any sophisticated living room.

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    Day bed Roquebrune created by Bauhaus designer Eileen Gray 1925 for the apartment of Madame Talbot in Paris. The chrome plated tubular steel frame and leather upholstery combine to cool a classic Bauhaus image. Nevertheless, the day bed is very comfortable particularly in the loft as well as in smaller rooms.

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    Monte Carlo Sofa designed by Eileen Gray in 1929 is a true classic of the Bauhaus age. Its extravagant form provides always a high interest. Public institutions as well as the living rooms and hotel lobbies get through Monte Carlo sofas a special touch of sophistication and exclusivity.

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    Sofa 2-seater called Koller house was during an adaptation of the house of Dr. Hugo Koller in Oberwaltersdorf designed by the famous Bauhaus designer Josef Hoffmann(1912-1914). This 'Koller Haus' sofa was produced later in 1927.

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    Sofa Koller Haus was during adaptation of the house of Dr. Hugo Koller in Oberwaltersdorf designed  by the famous Bauhaus designer Josef Hoffmann. This 'Koller' called sofa was produced later in 1927.

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    The Bauhaus sofa 2 seater 'Kubus' by the famous Bauhaus designer Josef Hoffmann 1910, gives an sophisticated impression  in residential as well as business premises. Together with the armchair Kubus and the 3-seater sofa arise an impressive seating group.

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