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Eero Aarnio * 21.July 1932 in Finnland  is a Finnish interior designer, noted for his innovative furniture designs in the 1960s, such as his famouse plastic and fiberglass chairs like Globe chair, Ball chair and the Pastil chair.Eero Aarnio studied Arts in Helsinki and founded his own office in 1962. The following year he designed his famous Globe chair and shortly thereafter the Buble chair. Another important chair is the Pastil chair, which was awarded the American Industrial Award in 1968. He became particularly known for his designs for plastic and fiberglass chairs. His designs are an important part of the 1960s in many SF films.In 1962 he started his own designer studio. In 1968 he received the American Industrial Design award. The design of chairs  were an important aspect of 1960s popular culture. They could often be seen  in science-fiction films. 

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