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( *October 6, 1887 in La Chaux -de-Fonds / Switzerland, † August 27, 1965 Monaco, Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris actually) was a Swiss-French architect, furniture designer, city planner, painter and sculptor. His pseudonym Le Corbusier he took on the basis of the name of his great-grandmother Lecorbésier and corbeau (German: Rabe). Le Corbusier was one of the most important and influential architects of the twentieth century, but his new ideas also sparked controversy and are still controversial. The famous series LC (Le Corbusier) is one of the avant-garde pieces designed by Le Corbusier in collaboration with his cousin and designer colleague Pierre Jeanneret and designer Charlotte Perriand. This collaboration lasted for years and was fruitful. Le Corbusier has created the following milestones as a furniture designer:

Chair Basculant LC1, armchair LC2, sofa LC3 3-seater, sofa LC5, dining table LC6, swivel chair LC7, and of course his famous chaise longue LC4 (French: chaise longue "long chair") adjustable recliner, tubular steel frame + leather from 1928.

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