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Armchairs by renowned designers, made in Italy.

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    LC7 Le Corbusier  Swivel Chair together with the famous dining tables represents the best known and most popular dining group in the Bauhaus style. Le Corbusier presented the tables and chairs for the first time at the art exhibition in Paris in 1928. Since then numerous sophisticated rooms and studios are equipped with these famous series.

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    Armchair Koler Haus was designed during the adaptation of the Dr. Hugo Kollers estate in Oberwaltersdorf, by the famous Bauhaus designer Josef Hoffmann. This impressive Koller Haus chair was actually produced at 1927.

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    Armchair Bibendum was designed by famous Bauhaus designer Eileen Gray in 1927 for the apartment of Susanne Talbot in Paris. The frame is made ​​of solid wood, the leather upholstery in all leathers. The base is in chromed steel tube. He has been awarded directly to the Bauhaus classics. The armchair impressed by its high quality workmanship and exclusivity.

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    Armchair Kubus made 12910 by famous Bauhaus designer Josef Hoffmann. Ground frame in solid beech wood.  Solid beech legs with bras rolls. The padding is filled with shape-resistant rigid polyurethane foam. The high quality leather upholstery of individual squares with a special sewing technique.

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    Armchair Cabinett is a typical Josef Hoffmann cube shape which he  himself called 'Simple furniture'. This armchair is similar to the cube armchair. They were designed for the billiard room of the Pukersdorfer sanatorium.

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    Armchair by  famous designer Jean-Michel Frank 1930. The cushions are made from high quality polyurethane foam and are enclosed by dacron, this foam provides a high  comfort. Upholstery in high quality leather or fabric.

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    Armchair Coste 126 and 127 by famous designer Philipe Starck. 1983, the French President François Mitterrand,  chose  Philippe Starck to refurbish the president's private apartments at the Élysée. The following year  he designed two stabil chairs called 'Costes 126 and 127' for Pariser Café Costes. This three-legged chairs were a novelty which allowed the...

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    Armchair Vanizy fair by designer of the Bauhausage. The seat cushions are filled with down feathers and shape-retaining foam core whereby a high and long-lasting seating comfort is guaranteed. Upholstery in high-quality leather or fabric.

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    Sessel Chesterfield with intricate original seams. Designed by Bauhaus designer Walter Gropius. Wooden frame made of solid beech. The curves are composed of individual segments filled with high quality polyurethane foam and covered with soft leather. Typical Bauhaus design.

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    Armchair called 'Roma' by a designer of the famous Bsuhaus-age. The base is in wood, the feet in beech wood. The seat cushions down-filled. The cover is made of fabric and is completely removable. This Armchair as well the Sofas DS/502, 503 became estimated part in residential, as well as meeting area facilities. 

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    The impressive chair of the Bauhaus age with wooden frame made ​​of solid beech and a lavish leather upholstery in all qualities of leather and fabric to your choice. The feet are made of  beech wood and have built-in wheels.

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    Chesterfield wing chair called 'Ohrensessel' is an impressive and popular chair of the Bauhaus age, by designer W. Gropius.  Wood construction, high backrest. Quilted padding made of high quality polyurethane. Upholstery could be chosen in all leather qualities, or high-grade fabric.

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