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(* 8. June 1867 in Richland Center; † 9. April 1959 in Phoenix) was an American architect, interior designer and art dealer. Wright was one of the first architects to use the term "organic construction". He was concerned with an organic connection between architecture and the various elements of art, nature and human spheres of life.

His appreciation of space and his strong understanding of geometry were his strong points. Frank Lloyd Wright and his works were actually a pioneer of the later Bauhaus movement. He had designed not only the house designs, but also the interior design including the furniture. These include the well-known Robie Chair for the Frederick Robie's home in Chicago, or the Barrel Chair - Designed for H.F. Johnson.

In 1914, due to a family tragedy, followed a less active years. But at the end of the thirties he came back to a dozen building designs per year - this activity he kept until his death in 1959.

Frank Lloyd Wright has created the following milestones:

Allen dining table 605, Barrel chair, Robie chair 601, dining table Taliesin.

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