• 2 450 € tax incl.

    Egg atmchair combined with Ottoman were developed by the Bauhaus designer  Arne Jacobsen 1958 for the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. The unique process of the organic-looking chair contains non straight lines but is composed exclusively of curves. The backrest is also exceptionally high. It is imensionally stable made of fiberglass and with foam filling.

    2 450 € tax incl.
    2 042 € tax excl.
  • 1 242 € tax incl.

    Chaise lounge by Bauhaus designer Marcel Breuer. 1932 he designed a similar chaise lounge called Long chair. In 1935 Breuer has this lounge redesigned. The new Breuer´s chaise longue 474 was born! Wooden recliner chairs with fabric upholstery in different colors for your choice.

    1 242 € tax incl.
    1 035 € tax excl.
  • 609 € tax incl.

    Foot stool for Egg chair by designer Arne Jacobsen 1958. It was developed for the Roayal Hotel in Copenhagen together with the famous Egg armchair. The stool can be used as a separate sitting unit. The seat shell is made of dimensionally stable fiberglass, the base is in polished  aluminum. Upholstery in fabric or high quality leather.

    609 € tax incl.
    508 € tax excl.
  • 1 760 € tax incl.

    LC2 sofa 3-seater by Le Corbusier together with the 2-seater and the  armchair is a perfect sitting furniture created by the famous designer Le Corbusier. Together they form a perfectly shaped seating group for rooms, or lounges with sophisticated design. Italian handicraft.

    1 760 € tax incl.
    1 467 € tax excl.
  • 7 500 € tax incl. 8 074 €

    Meeting room with classic furniture by famous designers like Le Corbusier, L.Mies van der Rohe, Eileen Gray and Wilhelm Wagenfeld. All the furniture are delivered directly, w/o any intermediate, from the Italian Manufactory to your door. You do not pay any shipping costs in EU and you receive this nice  meeting room to unbelievable discount !

    7 500 € tax incl. 8 074 €
    6 250 € tax excl.
    Reduced price!
  • 2 918 € tax incl. 3 418 €

    Meeting-, dining-room consist of the famous glass table by designer Le Corbusier, 6pcs of Cesca chairs by well known designer Marcel Breuer and 2pcs of mesh chairs by famous designer L.Mies van der Rohe. Additionally a couch table by renowned designer Eileen Gray and a classical lamp by Wilhelm Wagenfeld. All that for unbelievable  discount. 

    2 918 € tax incl. 3 418 €
    2 432 € tax excl.
  • 452 € tax incl. 502 €

    Eero Saarinen designed tables and chairs, which recalls the shape of a tulip. Originally should be used plastic  but in the 50s, this was not so easy and the base was made ​​of painted cast aluminium. Special offer of famous 'Tulip' chair by Eero Saarinen - with white base-not turnable. Red fabric upholstery - a lot below the ordinary price. Delivery...

    452 € tax incl. 502 €
    377 € tax excl.
  • 299 € tax incl. 545 €

    Special offer Metal chair ba Designer Frank Lloyd Wright 1914. Lacquered metal konstruction seat and back rest upholsteredd with high quality fabric. To the "Special Price" - while  stocks last. Delivery immediately from manufacture

    299 € tax incl. 545 €
    249 € tax excl.
  • 197 € tax incl. 281 €

    Special offer cantilever, made ​​of steel tube and braided wick, you sit supposedly freely in space. The designer Mies van der Rohe combined the materials to give the typical Bauhaus minimalistic look. It is often the equipment of conference rooms, waiting rooms, as well as selected lofts and private rooms with upgraded amenities. Delivery immediately...

    197 € tax incl. 281 €
    164 € tax excl.

Italian designer furniture - perfect for office and home

All our furniture are produced in the traditional Italian handicraft production according to the original plans of the famous Bauhaus designer and let the myth of an era back to life in a new light.

All designer furniture have a quality certificate from the manufacturer and 5 years warranty!

Because we sell directly from the factory, you can benefit from our low prices. Enjoy shopping in our  Bauhaus online shop   classicmoebel.eu

Our timeless Bauhaus furniture - elegant designed furniture made ​​in Italy perfects your decorating style. In our online shop, we offer high quality reproductions of original Bauhaus furniture designed by famous architects of the Bauhaus age. Whether it is traditional cantilever chairLe Corbusier furniture or a table by Eileen Gray, our Italian designer furniture are characterized by their perfect appearance and high quality.